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See The HAP Difference

Use the handy comparison chart below to evaluate the benefit differences between HAP and Traditional Care Network.

  HAP HMO Traditional Care Network (TCN)
Deductible $215 Individual and $430 Family $325 single / $550 family.
Coinsurance None. 10% in network.
Office Visit Copay $25 copay for office visits, unlimited. $25 copay. Limited to 4 visits.
Personal Care Physician (PCP) Yes. You select a PCP who ensures you receive the best care available at the right time and setting. Not required.
Specialty Physician Office Visit $35 copay, unlimited. Not covered.
Preventive Services Covered. Check with carrier.
Eye and Hearing Exams Covered. Copay may apply. Check with carrier.
Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses Covered. Not covered.
Referrals to Specialists Rarely. We've eliminated the need for most referrals. Your PCP helps direct you to a specialist who meets your specific health care needs. No. However, most specialists will not see you without some type of referral from a primary care physician. You are responsible for 100% of the office visit charges.
Weight Watchers® $25 member cost. HAP pays the balance for your 12 week program. Make 10 out of 12 sessions, and you can re-enroll for additional 12 week programs for $25! A cost savings of over $160. Check with carrier.
Emergency and Urgent Care Coverage While Traveling Covered anywhere in the world for emergency and urgent care services; with HAP's exclusive partnership with Assist America program that supports you when you have a medical emergency away from home. Covered anywhere in the world for emergency services.
Personal Service Coordinator For your first two years of membership a Personal Service Coordinator is assigned to you. Call them directly with any questions. None.

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