Alliance Medicare PPO

  • Eligible enrollees must have and keep Parts A and B to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan.
  • A beneficiary may only be enrolled in one Medicare Advantage plan at a time.
  • Enrollment in a Medicare Advantage plan is generally for the entire year.
  • Enrollees may leave a Medicare Advantage plan only at certain times of the year, or under certain special circumstances.
  • Alliance Medicare PPO eligible enrollees must have a permanent residence within the service area to enroll.
  • Enrollees may get care from contracted and non-contracted providers. Except for emergency and urgently needed care, enrollees will generally pay more when using non-contracted providers.
  • Submitting your application through the online process constitutes a valid enrollment election on your part. In the event of an omission on the form, you will be contacted by a Health Alliance Plan representative.
  • In response to your request for enrollment, you will receive a notice in the mail where we will acknowledge receipt of your completed request or deny your enrollment due to ineligibility per Medicare's regulations.