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Quitting tobacco/nicotine use
To add up to 80 points on the Member Qualification Form, you must be
either tobacco/nicotine-free or commit to trying to quit.
HAP recommends several different treatment plans to help you quit:
Smoking (tobacco/nicotine) cessation counseling services provided
by your personal care physician
Henry Ford Health System Smoking Intervention Program (SIP)
Henry Ford Health System Freedom From Smoking Program
Prescription and over-the-counter smoking (tobacco/nicotine)
cessation drugs or products, such as tobacco/nicotine patches, gum,
nasal spray or inhaler*
Electronic counseling services with the HealthMedia BREATHE®
*HAP may ask you to send in your receipts for over-the-counter products
If you are asked for your receipts for any of the previous options, please
send them to: Health Alliance Plan, Attn: Correspondence Department,
2850 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48202. Or fax your receipts to (313) 664-8400.