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What if my spouse does not want to work toward health goals?
Both the cardholder and spouse on the contract must complete the
three steps if they choose the Enhanced plan. Once they complete
the steps, everyone covered on the contract – including dependent
children – will be placed in the Enhanced plan.
What information will be shared with my employer?
Your privacy is very important to us. No personal information from
your Health Risk Assessment or Member Qualification Form will be
shared with your employer.
Can I get an extension if I am unable to schedule an appointment
with my personal care physician during the qualification period?
Unfortunately, no. Both the Health Risk Assessment and the Member
Qualification Form are due by the end of the qualification period. If
you have any difficulty in getting an appointment with your personal
care physician, call HAP’s Client Services and they will assist you.
How often can I switch plans?
Each year during the qualification period you and your covered spouse
have the opportunity to decide to participate in the Enhanced or
Standard plan.
Do I need to complete the same three steps each year if I choose the
Enhanced plan?
Yes. To choose the Enhanced plan, you and your covered spouse must
complete the three steps annually.