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Example of how to save with the Enhanced plan.
Helen Health’s employer, the Coaster Company, offers the Health
Engagement plan. The plan offered to Helen has a $1,000 deductible
and higher copays in the Standard plan, and a $250 deductible in the
Enhanced plan.*
Helen takes care of herself and is in pretty good health. Recently
though, Helen hurt her knee when she ran her first half marathon.
After seeing her PCP, Dr. Dew, she is referred to a specialist to help
get her back on the running track. The specialist recommends an
outpatient procedure to help her recover. The chart below is a
breakdown in the cost savings:
Enhanced Plan Standard Plan
PCP Visit
Specialist Visit
Outpatient Copay
Total out-of-pocket costs:*
* Costs vary based on your specific plan. This example shows a typical Health
Engagement benefit plan. Please check with your employer for a complete
summary and cost-sharing breakdown for your plan.