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Step 2. Add up to 85 points.
Your PCP will add up the points you’ve earned by meeting the wellness
targets. If you don’t meet the wellness target, decide which lifestyle
behaviors you’re willing to commit to change in order to reach 85
If you’re not willing to commit to lifestyle changes to reach 85 points,
you will be moved to the Standard plan.
To add up to 85 points on the Member Qualification Form, you must
be up to date or have your preventive tests scheduled and be tobacco/
nicotine-free. If not, you must commit to have your preventive tests
scheduled or be tobacco/nicotine-free by your second year or Level
Two. In Level Two of Achieve, you’ll need to have accomplished these
goals to choose to stay in the Enhanced plan.
If you need to stop tobacco/nicotine use
HAP recommends several different treatment plans to help you quit:
Smoking (tobacco/nicotine) cessation counseling services provided
by your personal care physician
Henry Ford Health System Smoking Intervention Program (SIP)
Henry Ford Health System Freedom From Smoking Program (FFS)
Prescription and over-the-counter smoking (tobacco/nicotine)
cessation drugs or products, such as tobacco/nicotine patches, gum,
nasal spray or inhaler*
Electronic counseling services with the HealthMedia BREATHE®
*HAP may ask you to send in your receipts for over-the-counter products.
If you are asked for your receipts for any of the previous options, please
send them to: Health Alliance Plan, Attn: Correspondence Department,
2850 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48202. Or fax your receipts to (313) 664-8400.