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HAP’s Restore CareTrack® Program
If you have a chronic condition, such as asthma, coronary artery disease or diabetes, we support your
relationship with your doctor free of charge. Here’s how:
With CareTrack, you have options to help you take control. They may include:
• Working one on one with a nurse health coach over the phone
• In-home telemedicine monitoring program to help you monitor your medications and condition
through daily sessions
• Behavioral health specialists who will help you identify emotional triggers and behavioral conditions
that can affect your physical well-being and ability to follow your doctor’s treatment plan
• Medication review to ensure the right medication and dosage is taken at the right time
HAP Restore Case Management Program
HAP Restore is a free program that helps members with the personal support they need. With this
program, a registered nurse will work closely with you and your doctor to make sure you’re getting
the care you need, when you need it.
The nurse will be there to help with:
• Scheduling appointments, such as scheduling visits with specialists and treatment facilities
• Information
— Providing a full understanding of each condition
• Medication
— Learn how to manage medications
• Coordinating home visits
—Working with doctors to schedule home visits with registered nurses and therapists when needed
• Medical equipment
— Making sure you get the equipment you need
• Community resources
— Connecting you with community resources that assist with basic everyday needs
For more information about HAP’s Restore programs or to refer yourself, please email
or call us at
(800) 288-2902
for CareTrack, or
(313) 664-8324
for Case Management.