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for Better Health
We offer
for better health to make your health goals easier to reach. This digital health
coaching program is free, confidential and personalized just for you.
helps you understand your
risks and manage your goals and guides you through decisions. To get started, log in at
link to
When you link to
, you will see a variety of online programs that employ easy-to-use aids to
achieve your goals every step of the way:
• Conduct a health risk assessment
• Manage your weight
• Eat healthier
• Deal with stress
• Quit smoking
• Lower your blood pressure
• Lower your cholesterol
• Manage chronic conditions
• Manage diabetes
• Manage back pain
• Manage pain
Our Quality Program
Our Quality Management department wants you to know how our Quality Program monitors and
improves the health care and services you receive.
Much like healthy living and preventive service guidelines, HEDIS® is an element that is at the heart of
our Quality Program. HEDIS, also known as the Health Plan Employer Data and Information Set,
describes a comprehensive, standardized set of indicators used to measure the performance of a health
plan. Each year, QM conducts an extensive analysis that you can use to identify trends, make informed
choices about health care and witness HAP’s ongoing commitment to improved performance.
To take a look at our Program Document and a summary of our overall objectives, log in at
and select the My Health and Wellness tab and click on Quality & Patient Safety.
Also available on our website are the Healthy Living Guidelines, a schedule of preventive services to
help keep the whole family healthy, as well as updated information on health education classes
available in your area. Members without Internet access can contact the Quality Management
department at
(313) 664-8804
for copies of the online Quality Program materials.