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Rights and Responsibilities
As a Member, You Have the Right to:
• Get complete information about HAP. This means our services, practitioners and providers and
your rights and responsibilities
• Get private, thoughtful and respectful care. Care does not take nationality, race, creed,
color, age, economic rank, sex or lifestyle into consideration
• Work with your doctors in making choices about your health care. Talk to your doctor to fully
understand your illness or treatment
• Have a candid talk with your providers about your treatment alternatives no matter the cost or
benefit coverage
• Be provided with all the information you need to give informed, legally needed consent before
the start of any procedure or treatment. This includes an explanation of procedures and any risks
• Voice a complaint or appeal about us and our services
• Make recommendations about our members’ rights and responsibilities policies
• Be told about affiliated providers available for medical care
• Expect us to make a reasonable answer to your requests
• Get prompt care in an emergency
As a Member, You Have the Responsibility to:
• Make your medical history and symptoms known before and during the course of treatment
• Tell us of any changes in important membership information
• Tell your doctor of any unexpected changes in your health
• Follow the plans and directions for care that you agreed on with your providers
• Understand your health problems
• Take part in creating mutually-agreed-upon treatment goals, to the degree possible
• Cooperate in full with your providers
• Understand our procedures and use the plan in the right way
• Respect the rights of other patients and members