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HAP OnTheGo Mobile App
Now you can have health plan and health and wellness information in the palm of your hand.
HAP OnTheGo Mobile App is a smartphone app that makes it easy to find a doctor or a nearby
facility, download an ID card, check symptoms and manage health conditions.
Selecting Your Doctor
Whether or not your particular plan requires you to choose a personal care physician (PCP), we believe
it is an excellent idea to have a “go-to” doctor. This doctor is your first-line partner for better health,
the doctor who will get to know your medical history and help you coordinate the care you need. Your
PCP can help you figure out healthy lifestyle choices, improve your health and refer you to specialists
when needed.
HMO Plan
Members of our HMO plan need to choose a PCP. When you need specialty care, your PCP will refer
you. You and your family members do not need to have the same PCP.
Your PCP can be in:
• General or family practice
• Internal medicine
• Pediatrics
PPO and EPO Plans
PPO and EPO plan members do not need to choose a PCP. However, we do recommend that you
choose a primary doctor. Our Client Services specialists can help you look up doctor profiles to help
you find a doctor based on your needs.
Since Choosing a Doctor is Such an Important Decision, We Offer Several Ways to Help You:
• Contact your Personal Service Coordinator
• View doctor profiles, maps and driving directions online at
. Compare up to three doctors
in a side-by-side view that highlights education, certification, gender, languages spoken by the
doctor and the doctor’s hospital admitting privileges
• HMO plan members can call a PCP selection specialist Monday through Friday at
(888) 742-2727
• Use our Automated Services Line, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at
(877) 427-3678
using our
personal care physician codes from our Provider Directory. View our provider directories online
• PPO and EPO plan members can call Client Services for help selecting a PCP