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Women’s Health
Female members can seek OB/GYN services from any plan-affiliated doctor without a referral.
Services can include:
• Pap test
• Breast exam
• Pelvic exam
• Mammogram
• All prenatal visits
• Standard lab tests
• Deliveries
• Ultrasound
• Care for a health problem that requires several visits, such as appointments after surgery
• Inpatient OB/GYN care
Your doctor may still seek authorization for some OB/GYN services.
Breast Reconstruction
Women who have mastectomies are eligible for certain breast reconstruction benefits. We offer
coverage for:
• Reconstruction of a breast surgically removed by a mastectomy
• Surgery on and reconstruction of the other breast as needed to provide a symmetrical look
• Prosthetics
• Problems arising from any part of the mastectomy, including swelling of the surrounding tissue
after surgery