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Our website,
, is a great place to view your plan documents. You can also look up your copays,
coinsurance and deductibles. Plus, you can check the status of a claim and print a PDF copy of your ID
card if you’ve lost it.
You can also:
• Send and receive messages
• Receive health reminders
• Create an address book of your doctors
• See your pharmacy claim history
• Look up a drug
Register at
There’s a lot waiting for you at
. All you have to do is register. Get your ID number from your
card and follow these steps:
1. Go to
2. Click
Register Now
3. Select
4. Fill out Member Registration
5. Click
6. Create a password to log in using your ID card number as your User ID
My Plan
My Plan
tab has your claims, referral and benefit information.
Send and Receive Messages
Once you log in, you can select
Send & Receive Messages
to send us questions from a secure site and
get an answer in your
inbox. Only our Customer Service specialists view your details as
needed to answer your questions, so your information is secure and private.
Health Reminders
We each have different healthcare needs, based on age, gender and health condition. Our health
reminders tell you when immunizations or screenings are due. How? Based on your claims history.
See the
My Health & Wellness
My Address Book
Save doctor or location names, addresses and notes so that you can see them online at any time. See
Find a Doctor/Facility
HAP OnTheGo Mobile App
Now you can have health plan and health and wellness information in the palm of your hand.
HAP OnTheGo is a smartphone mobile app that makes it easy to find a doctor or a nearby facility,
download an ID card, check symptoms and manage health conditions.
Selecting Your Doctor
You will need to choose a PCP. When you need specialty care, your PCP will refer you. You and your
family members do not need to have the same PCP.
Your PCP can be in:
• General or family practice
• Internal medicine
• Pediatrics
Let us help you choose a doctor
• Contact your Personal Service Coordinator
• View doctor profiles, maps and driving directions at
• Compare up to three doctors in a side-by-side view that highlights education, residency, certification,
gender, languages spoken by the doctor and the doctor’s hospital admitting privileges
• Call a PCP selection specialist Monday through Friday at
(888) 742-2727
• Use our Automated Services Line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at
(877) 427-3678
using our
PCP codes from our Provider Directory
• View our provider directories online at