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Off They Go: Coverage For Students Away
At School
They’re off and on their own for the first time and
you’re worried. Will they remember to eat right, brush
their teeth, and do their laundry? One thing you don’t
have to worry about is health care coverage. When
your children go away to school, we go with them. We
provide medical coverage for eligible students while
they are attending educational institutions, such as a
boarding school or college. Coverage is not extended
to dependent children who reside with a custodial
parent outside our service area. The following outlines
Alliance’s eligibility requirements, as defined in your
Group Health Insurance Policy and Riders.
The following services are covered for students
away at school:
• Emergency and urgent care services. Remember,
emergency admissions to a hospital not affiliated
with us must be reported. The student or their
designee must notify us within 48 hours of the
admission. The Alliance Admissions department
can be reached at
(313) 664-7010
(this number is
also on the back of their ID card). If you are
calling after hours, please follow the prompts.
• Services related to an acute illness or injury and
provided in an outpatient setting that have been
authorized by Alliance prior to receiving
• Follow-up care related to an outpatient acute
illness or injury that is authorized by the Alliance
Student Coordinator prior to receiving treatment.
• As a PPO enrollee, students may seek care
outside of the Alliance network without
authorization by Alliance but at the lower out-of-
plan benefit level.
Our Referral Management Team is available to assist
you with authorization for eligible services. To be
covered at the higher in-plan benefit level, when
received out-of-plan, all follow-up visits and non-
emergency services require prior authorization by the
team and may require medical review by Alliance’s
Medical Director. You can reach a Referral
Management Team member at (313) 664-8950.
After the student receives covered services, we must
receive an itemized statement in order to review the
claim. An itemized statement includes the date of
service, dollar amount charged, details of what
services were rendered (procedure codes), provider’s
diagnosis of the student’s condition (diagnosis code),
and the provider’s name and address. Please make sure
the student’s Alliance ID number is on all
correspondence, whether they submit the claim or you
do. All claims for urgent or emergency outpatient visits
should be forwarded to:
Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company
ATTN: Claims
2850 W. Grand Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48202
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