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Step Therapy
Step Therapy is a type of prior authorization for
some prescription medications. With step therapy,
in most cases, you first try using certain medications
that have been proven effective for people with your
condition before you can get a similar brand-name
medication covered.
Mail-order Prescriptions
Need something a little more convenient? It doesn’t
get any easier than home delivery pharmacy service.
With Pharmacy Advantage Home Delivery Service,
you can refill or renew your prescriptions over the
Internet safely and securely on their Web site.
Prescriptions are delivered in 7 to 10 working days,
via first-class mail. When ordering, you should allow
enough time so as not to run out of medication. If
you want more information about this service or you’re
interested in participating in the program, visit or call toll-free
(800) 456-2112
Going on a trip? Be sure to check your prescriptions
before you leave. If you’re near the end of any of your
prescriptions, be sure to obtain a refill before you
leave. If you’re unsure whether or not you have refills
left, check your prescription and, if needed, call your
doctor. We also have a national network of pharmacies
that you can use while traveling. They are: Kmart®, Rite
Aid, Target®, Walgreens and Wal-Mart®.
You can access your pharmacy history from our secure
Web site at
once you’re registered with
and logged in.
You can contact Client Services by phone at
(313) 664-7010
; toll-free at
(888) 999-4347
; or e-mail
through the
Send & Receive Messages
option on our
Web site for more information on our pharmaceutical
management procedures.
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