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We Need You!
Just like we partner with you in your health care, you partner with us to make sure our services are
the best they can be. We depend on you for ideas and suggestions. Your feedback helps make us
better. Whether you have an idea to add to our services or coverage or just want to tell us about
your experience with us, we want to know your thoughts. We are committed to providing excellent
customer service and that means listening to our enrollees’ needs and concerns. Please contact us
at the number listed on the next page with any comments you may have on the services you have
received from Alliance.
While we love to hear about the times when things are going well, there may be times that in
spite of our best intentions and efforts, things don’t go
as well as they could and we could have done a better
job. In order to improve the services we provide, we
need to know when we’ve missed the mark too. Most
problems can be resolved quickly, so letting us know
the moment a situation arises is key. We do our best to
make sure the resolution works for everyone involved.
If the resolution is not acceptable to you, we have
established a formal procedure to ensure that your
concerns are heard and acted upon appropriately.
You may voice your compliments or complaints to our
Client Services department.