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We share your member information with affiliated companies as permitted by law, non-affiliated
third parties with whom we contract to help us operate HAP, and with others who are involved in
providing or paying for health care services for you. The following ways we may use or share
member information about you for treatment, payment or health care operations:
• We may use or share your member information to help us determine who is financially
responsible for your medical bills.
• We may share your member information with your doctors or hospitals to help them provide
medical care to you. For example, if you are in the hospital, we may give them access to any
medical records sent to us by your doctor.
• We may use or share your member information with others to help manage your health care.
For example, we might talk to your doctor to suggest a disease management or wellness
program that could help improve your health.
• We may share your information with others who help us conduct our business operations. If
we do so, we will require these persons or entities to protect the privacy and security of your
information, and to return or destroy such information when it is no longer needed for our
business operations.
• We may use or share your member information for certain types of public health or disaster
relief efforts.
• We may use or share your member information so that you can receive periodic reminders
relating to your health, such as a reminder to refill your prescription(s) or to schedule
recommended health screenings.
• We may use or share your information to give you information about alternative medical
treatments and programs or about health-related products and services that you may be
interested in. For example, we might send you information about smoking cessation or
weight loss programs.
• We may use or share your information with an employee benefit plan through which you
receive health benefits. Except for enrollment information or summary health information
and as otherwise required by law, we will not share your information with an employer or
plan sponsor unless the employer or plan sponsor has provided us with written assurances
that the information will be kept confidential and will not be used for an improper purpose.
Generally, information will only be shared when needed by the employer/plan sponsor to
administer your health benefit plan.
• We may use or share your member information in limited circumstances for research
purposes. For example, a research organization may wish to compare outcomes of all
patients that receive a particular medication and will need to review a series of medical
records. In all cases where your specific authorization has not been obtained, your privacy
will be protected by strict confidentiality requirements applied by an institutional review
board or privacy board, which oversees the research, or by representations of the
researchers that limit their use and disclosure.