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Your Rights And Responsibilities
As an Enrollee of Alliance, You Have the Right...
• To receive confidential, considerate and respectful care, regardless of nationality, race,
creed, color, age, economic status, sex or lifestyle.
• To obtain complete and current information about your treatment alternatives without
regard to cost or benefit coverage.
• To understand your health problems and to participate in decision-making regarding your
health care. If you do not understand your illness or treatment, talk it over with your doctor.
Understanding your health problems are important to the success of the treatment.
• To be provided with all the information you need to give informed, legally required consent
prior to the start of any procedure/treatment. This includes an explanation of procedures
and any risks involved.
• To be informed of the Alliance-affiliated providers available to you for the provision of
medical care, as well as complete and current information about Alliance and its services,
practitioners and providers and your rights and responsibilities.
• To expect Alliance to make a reasonable response to your requests.
• To receive prompt treatment in an emergency.
• To voice an opinion or to file a grievance.
• To make recommendations regarding Alliance’s enrollees’ rights and responsibilities policies.
As an Enrollee of Alliance, You Have the Responsibility
• To disclose your medical history and symptoms before and during the course of treatment.
• To follow the plans and instructions for care that you have agreed on with those providing
your health care.
• To respect the rights of other patients and enrollees.
• To notify your doctor of any unexpected changes in your health.
• To understand Alliance procedures and use the plan appropriately.
• To notify Alliance of any changes in pertinent membership information.
• To participate in understanding your health problems and developing mutually agreed upon
treatment goals.
• To cooperate in full with the providers caring for you. Please cooperate with your doctors to
prevent any unnecessary problems.