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This Enrollee Handbook is the first stop for information relating to coverage, services
and benefits. Here you’ll find valuable information to help you make the most of
your enrollment with us and become more familiar with how your plan works. For
a complete description of your specific benefits, including the terms, conditions,
limitations and exclusions of your coverage, please refer to your Group Health
Insurance Policy and Riders.
We emphasize preventive care so that you are less likely to have problems later. In
our emphasis on preventive care, we encourage you to select a doctor to partner
with and work closely with to maintain or improve your health. With preventive
medicine, you take charge to see your doctor and speak with him or her about your
overall health concerns, nutrition, stress, etc. – before you get sick.
Our commitment to quality extends to our affiliated hospitals too. The Joint
Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) accredits all of our
affiliated hospitals. JCAHO is a private, nonprofit organization that evaluates and
accredits health care organizations that provide medical services.
To ensure that you are an enlightened
health care consumer, we’ve put
great tools on our Web site,
for better health
program offers health risk
assessments (HRAs) for a variety of
conditions and provides an ongoing
program to achieve your health goals.
The Healthy Living section of the Web
site also provides information on a
variety of health and lifestyle topics
that can help you attain goals and
maintain good health.
In addition to the materials you’ll receive to help you understand your health
plan, we have great staff that can help too. Our Client Services Specialists can
help you with:
• Questions about your benefits and coverage
• A bill you don’t understand
• ID card requests
• And much more!
Once again, thanks for choosing Alliance!