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More Questions
This handbook has a lot of information but it may not answer all the questions you have. That’s
why we want to call attention to other resources to answer any questions you have that aren’t
addressed or completely answered here including:
Group Health Insurance Policy
Your Group Health Insurance Policy provides more detailed information on the exact terms and
conditions of your specific Alliance coverage. If you need a hard copy and do not have one, contact
Client Services.
is our newsletter that covers benefits, services and general health topics. When you
receive this newsletter, review it for a quick brush-up on how to receive services and the
interesting tidbits of health information. Have something to say about our newsletter? We’d love
to hear your ideas for articles or how we’re doing with the publication in general. You can write to
Editor, 2850 W. Grand Boulevard, Detroit, MI 48202, or send the editor an e-mail at
Step Sheets
You may have noticed the step sheets included in the
front pocket of this Enrollee Kit. We’ve identified a
few key areas to explore further, helping you
understand your benefits and coverage. The step
sheets include information on topics like emergency,
urgent care and pharmacy services.
Check Out
We continually strive to add more features to our
Web site in order to provide more convenient
services for you. In addition to obtaining valuable
information about Alliance, you can get updates on:
• Important health topics from the
My Health
& Wellness
• Health and disease management, including
links to relevant sites for in-depth inquiries.
• Answers to frequently asked questions and
information about healthy lifestyles.