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HAP Advantage
You should take advantage of HAP Advantage!
Membership has advantages. We’ve developed programs
and services with you in mind so that you not only receive
high-quality health care but access to additional products
and services to enhance your Alliance card-carrying privileges.
Some services that are important to you are not always
covered benefits with your health care plan. So the HAP
Advantage program offers value-added services at
discounted or reasonable costs. We are constantly
updating our value-added services, so check out our Web
site often.
You can located these from the
My Plan
tab, and by
Plan Extras
in the right hand column.
Weight Watchers®
Ready to lose weight but just need a little motivation? Weight Watchers® has the guidance and
motivation to get you up and on your way to a
better you. Our HAP Advantage program offers
preferred rates on Weight Watchers® programs.
You can attend weekly meetings or start an “At-
Work” program. For more information call toll-free
(888) 3-Florine and identify yourself as an Alliance
LASIK: See Things Clearly
LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In-Situ
Keratomileusis. It’s a procedure that can treat
nearsightedness and astigmatism by using a laser
beam to reshape the cornea and improve the
focusing power of the eye. If you thought LASIK’s
price tag was out of sight, look again. Call toll-free
(800) EYE-CARE for an appointment and discuss this procedure with seasoned practitioners in this
field. Show your Alliance ID card to receive the HAP Advantage preferred rate. Because LASIK is not
a covered service, a referral from your doctor is not required.
HAP Advantage is a value-added program and the services and products made available under this program are not covered benefits
under Alliance Health and Life Insurance Company Group Health Insurance Policy or otherwise payable by Alliance. Alliance, its
affiliates, subsidiaries, agents and assigns, make no representations or warranties regarding the quality, price, or effectiveness of
the services or products, or the credentialing of the providers, made available by HAP Advantage.