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for better health
This application is one that helps you take active steps towards better health. That’s because the
program is all about you. We have partnered with
HealthMedia to offer you the
for better health
program, a revolutionary health improvement
program. Take an online health risk assessment
(HRA) and learn about healthy lifestyle programs.
Go to
, log in then select the
My Health &
tab. Fill out the confidential online
questionnaire, and a plan will be created for you
with personalized strategies designed by health
care professionals.
Get started today. Sign up for
as your first
step to better health.
Health Reminders
We each have different health needs based on our age, gender and any conditions we may have.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reminder system in place to tell us when we need to get immunizations
or if we’re due for a screening? That’s just what Health Reminders does. Based on your claims
history, you’ll receive online reminders of health screenings that may be due.
These are located on the
My Health & Wellness
My Provider Address Book
Save provider or facility names, addresses,
specialty and your own notes so that you can
refer to them online anytime.
This is located on the
Find a Doctor/Facility