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Claims Status
Check the status of a claim.
Pharmacy Claim History
View 18 months of your prescription
claims history.
Provider Search and PCP Select
Find a provider who suits your needs:
specialist, pharmacy, physical therapist, lab,
X-ray, durable medical equipment providers
and more.
Drug Search
Search for prescription information by name
or category. Once logged in, you can also see
your cost-sharing amounts for various
Online Services
is one way we put the information you need in a convenient location and place in
time for you. By providing you with confidential Web-based technology, we make it easy for you to
get the information you need at the click of a mouse. Here are a few of our innovations that you
can use once you register:
Send and Receive Messages
From our
Send & Receive Messages
link you can contact us with questions from a secure site and
receive a response in your own inbox. Visit
, log in then select
Send & Receive Messages
You can be assured only our Client Services Specialists view your personal questions and only as
needed to answer your questions, so your information is secure and confidential.
HAP’s Disease Management Program
For enrollees with chronic health conditions, get help that supports your patient-doctor
relationship with the goal of helping you stick to your prescribed treatment plans. HAP’s Disease
Management Program covers a variety of medical conditions including:
• Asthma
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Congestive heart failure
• Depression
• Diabetes
This can be found on the
My Health & Wellness