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Online Services
Your link to us around the clock! Now managing your health plan has never been easier.
The time crunch seems to never change and you’re busy with lots of things from work to family
to everyday activities. Sometimes it may be hard to find a minute to call us during normal
business hours so we have an anytime option for you. Visit our Web site at
and register
Online Services
How to Register for Online Services
Registering is quick and easy. Just follow these
simple steps:
• Have your Alliance ID number ready.
• Go to our Web site at
• Click on
Register Now
button on the right.
• Select
, fill out the Member
Registration and click “Submit.”
• Once you’ve completed the Member
Registration page, use your Alliance ID number
as your User ID and create a password to log in.
After you’ve registered, you’ll be able to log in immediately to access your eligibility information.
Shortly after you register, you will receive a confirmation letter in the mail. Please note that you
cannot change your mailing address for five days after registering.
Once registered, you have access to many educational resources specific to your own health plan
and that of your dependents under age 18 and great tools such as:
Eligibility and Benefits
View your Benefit Summary and find out what is included in your coverage.
Cost-Sharing Amounts
Find out what your emergency, urgent care,
doctor’s office or pharmacy cost-sharing amounts
(like copays or coinsurance) are.
Have You Moved?
Change your address with us so that you can
continue receiving correspondence. Remember
to change your address with your employer and
doctors too.
ID Card
Request a new ID card if you have misplaced or
lost your card.