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Doctor Credentialing And Compensation
Making Sure You Receive Quality Care at the Doctor’s Office
We’re committed to quality in all aspects of our business. Quality doctors are just one aspect of
that commitment. Here’s some information about our credentialing program so that you are in the
know about the standards our doctors have to meet.
Because we want only excellent medical care for you, all Alliance-affiliated doctors and specialists
go through a credentialing process that verifies doctor education and training to ensure that our
high standards are met. We verify doctor information such
as state medical licenses in order to guarantee that our
doctors are adhering to all guidelines set forth by us and the
state of Michigan, helping to ensure excellent care for you.
Credentialing includes primary source verification on
the following:
• Medical school
• Postgraduate training
• Board certification
• Medical license(s)
• Drug enforcement agency (DEA)
• Malpractice insurance
• Network
• Work history
• Malpractice history
• Querying the national practitioner data bank (NPDB) and healthcare integrity and
protection data bank (HIPDB)
• Ongoing monitoring of sanctions and complaints, and quality issues between
re-credentialing cycles
• Re-credentialing at least every three years
Credentialing helps you get the most from your health plan by providing you with the background
information you need to feel confident that you’re getting excellent care. You want to know that
your doctor is board-certified and has completed post-residency requirements, and we provide you
with these details so you can focus on what’s most important, your health.
When it’s time for you to choose a doctor, you may want this information to assist you in making
an educated choice. Knowing that your doctor has completed all necessary post-residency
requirements will give you peace of mind.