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Coordinated Behavioral Health Management (CBHM)
Mental Health And Substance Abuse
Coordinated Behavioral Health Management (CBHM) provides assistance to those who have
mental health and/or substance abuse (alcohol and drug) disorders.
How It Works:
• You may self-refer by selecting a behavioral medicine provider listed in the Provider
• CBHM staff can also assist in the selection of a qualified Alliance-affiliated specialist for
evaluation and treatment.
• CBHM offers case management services for behavioral disorders. These services include
education in specific behavioral health diagnoses
and assistance in the management of the
enrollee’s condition.
• Inquiries and services through CBHM are available
Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by
calling toll-free
(800) 444-5755
(313) 664-8300
Emergency assistance is available 24 hours to
direct enrollees to appropriate emergency
• Non-emergency calls are returned within 24 hours
and emergency calls are immediately directed to
a behavioral medicine professional at CBHM.
Emergency assistance is available 24 hours to
assess the enrollee’s condition and help initiate a
treatment plan.
The privacy and confidentiality rights that are
guaranteed when you talk to a doctor or nurse apply to
services obtained through CBHM.