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Meet And Greet: Your First Visit
Instead of waiting until you are sick, schedule an initial visit with your doctor as soon as possible
so that he/she will be aware of any previous conditions and be better able to treat you should you
become ill.
How To Prepare For a Visit With Your Doctor
• Prepare a list of topics and health concerns you have
• Jot down a list of questions you want to ask the doctor
• Make sure you find out how and when to receive care. You should learn:
— Medical center/doctor office hours
— When to schedule other checkups
— How to schedule same-day appointments for urgent medical conditions (if available)
— How to obtain medical care or advice if the office is closed
Your Role As a Patient
You’ll develop a relationship with your doctor where you are both committed to good health.
When everyone works together and respects each
other, receiving medical care is a much better
experience. Having a cooperative doctor/patient
relationship can be jeopardized by disruptive or abusive
behavior and continued problems can affect your
doctor’s ability to arrange or provide medical care for
you and others. As a result, this can lead to an
interruption in your relationship with your doctor. Your
role includes:
• Following your doctor’s directions
• Openly discussing your concerns and
medical state
• Bringing all medications you currently take
• Being prepared for your visits