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An Active Role: You and Your Doctor Working Together
Getting and staying healthy
When it comes to your health care, the person with the most power is you. If a symptom arises or
things start to not feel right, you’re the first person who knows. You know your body and what is
“normal” better than anyone. Your partner in figuring these situations out is your doctor. You can
help your doctor help you stay healthy by regularly scheduling physical examinations and making
healthy lifestyle choices. Your doctor depends on you to be open and honest about your medical
history and any health problems you may be experiencing. A good relationship with your doctor is
integral to maintaining or improving your health.
Selecting your Doctor
We’ve talked about the importance of starting and maintaining a good relationship with your
doctor. Our Client Services Specialists can access doctor profiles that will help you find a doctor
based on your personal preferences.
To reach a Client Services Specialist call toll-free
(888) 999-4347
You may access doctor profiles using our Web site. To
view profiles, log in at
. You can search for and
select doctors and other types of Alliance-affiliated
providers including:
• hospitals
• pharmacies
• ancillary providers
• optical providers
Maps and driving directions are available when verifying provider locations, so check out
anytime you need information. Not sure which doctor to select? You can select up to three doctors
and click “Compare” for a side-by-side comparison view of those three.