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Coordination of Benefits (COB)

Do you currently have coverage for health care through more than one source? Coordination of benefits (COB) involves determining which health insurer or party will be responsible to pay for your health care services first. This is necessary for services you receive that are a benefit under more than one health plan or insurance carrier. This helps you maximize your coverage without duplicating payment for your health care, reduces the cost of health care and minimizes out of pocket expenses.

In most instances, the health plan with primary payment responsibility is the plan offered to you by your employer. Usually, if your spouse is employed and has health care coverage, your spouses' health care coverage has secondary payment responsibility for you. Both health plans offering you coverage coordinate how your benefits are paid. This means each health plan needs to know you have other health care coverage. It is best to contact your health plan to determine which plan has primary payment responsibility for your dependents.

Let us know about your other health care coverage

Please complete a Membership COB Data Collection to let us know about your other coverage for you and any family members.

Other resources available

Auto Related Coverage

Contact your automobile insurer for information about health coverage on your automobile insurance policy. Depending on the type of automobile coverage you selected, your auto insurance may by your primary coverage for related health care expenses.


Contact your liability insurer. Your liability insurer may be responsible for some of your medical or prescription coverage.

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