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Accessing Care

Sometimes you may need a medical service beyond what your PCP can offer in their office. When specialty services are medically necessary, your PCP will direct you to a specialist.

Your PCP coordinates your care, sees to your needs and keeps your medical history up to date. When you choose your PCP, you’re also choosing your network of doctors for specialty care. If you choose a PCP in the Henry Ford Medical Group, ACCESS or Genesys network, you will receive specialty care from doctors within that network. If you choose a PCP in any of our other networks, you can see specialists in any HAP network.
No matter what network and doctor you choose, you’re going to get the great care you need.

What is PCP directed care?

PCP directed care means that you and your PCP have discussed medically necessary services. Your PCP then directs you to the appropriate specialist for the delivery of a defined specialty service or consultation that is a covered benefit for you.

Many physicians are participating in a "paperless" system when directing specialty care. This means you will not have a physical piece of paper to take to the specialist. Don't worry! As long as you have started the process with your PCP, all the information regarding specialty services has been put through proper channels.

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