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Stress Awareness Month

April is Stress Awareness Month

Did you know there are two kinds of stress? There is "good" stress, eustress and a "bad kind" of stress that we call distress. Everyone has stress during their lives, the eustress, helps us to develop coping strategies and resistance to stress. Like when we work a muscle by lifting weights. When we feel overwhelmed by significant losses, or have problems in many areas at once, we may experience distress. There are some things that you can do to deal with the bad stress in your life.

First, seek assistance if you need it. No one has to deal with everything alone. If friends or family can't help, you can seek support from your minister or priest, a telephone help-line, on the Web Link Opens in a New Window or even from a mental health professional.

Second, take a break. Don't be hard on yourself when you need support. Take a nap, a warm bath, listen to music, take a walk, pet your cat or dog. Do small things to cheer yourself up and relax. Try to make sure you eat healthy food and get enough sleep.

For help in finding a professional counselor, please call Coordinated Behavioral Health Management at (800) 444-5755.

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