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American Pharmacists Month

October is American Pharmacists Month.

Pharmacists are more than medication dispensers; they are health care professionals offering multiple services to help you achieve increased health and wellness.

There are different types of pharmacists in various practice settings.
It is important to know your pharmacist's name and understand what resources he or she has to offer. Did you know pharmacists work in these different areas?

  • Community Pharmacy (drug stores, grocery stores, super stores)
  • Hospitals
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • Long-term Care Facilities
  • Military

Have you had your "Yearly Medication Check-up?"
Pharmacists can review your medications and provide feedback to you and members of your health care team to maximize outcomes from your medication therapy. They can also guide you on appropriately disposing of medications you no longer need.

The most expensive medication is one that is taken inappropriately. Failure to use medications correctly costs approximately 7 billion annually and leads to poor quality of care.

It is important to keep an accurate Personal Medication Record (PMR) and share it with all of your healthcare providers.

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