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New Year's Resolutions

Plan a Successful New Year's Resolution!

As you begin this New Year, you're probably thinking about what changes you want (or need) to make in your life and the past resolutions you've failed to keep.

Make 2009 your year to get it right.

New Year resolutions usually fail when you set too large of a goal, haven't allowed for pitfalls, and haven't established a plan to reach their goals. Stick to your resolutions by identifying a resolution you are committed to and creating a successful plan to meet your goals.

HAP can help you succeed!

Take advantage of HAP's resources that can help you:

HAP also offers the following programs that can help you make 2009 your healthiest year yet:

Ring in the New Year with an inventory of your health. The HAP iStrive for better health program includes a health risk assessment (HRA) and seven healthy lifestyle programs. You'll receive a personal plan designed by health care professionals just for you.


HAP's HealthTrack assists you in attaining a higher quality of life by helping you manage your chronic medical conditions and helping you stick to your treatment plan.


Get money-saving discounts and extras to on a variety of health-and-wellness related activities and venues. There are no referrals or claim forms involved in HAP Advantage all you have to do is show your HAP ID card or use the promotion codes indicated on the HAP Advantage Web page. It includes discounts for health clubs, Weight Watchers, and many other services that can help you improve your health.

*HAP Advantage discounts are available to all HAP and Alliance commercial and FEHB members. For information on discounts available to members enrolled in our Medicare Solutions products, please go to our Medicare Web site.


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