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Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month!

If you, a family member or friend suffer from a mental health problem, now is a good time to address it. Mental health problems can negatively affect the way you handle the everyday stress of life. It can also affect your physical health, making it more difficult to stay well, to heal, or to deal with chronic health problems like diabetes, or high blood pressure.

HAP supports your good mental health
For more information on our programs, like our Depression and Anxiety program or our Bipolar Program, call HAP's Coordinated Behavioral Health Management department today at 1-800-444-5755. You can have a free screening done by a Behavioral Health Specialist to see if you qualify for our programs or if you should consider outpatient counseling. Your Behavioral Health Specialist can help you find the right level of care for any mental health issues.

More information
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Information

HAP's HealthTrack for Depression

HAP's HealthTrack for Bipolar Disorder

Mental Health America

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