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Heart Health

Heart Health On-Demand Webinars – Pre-recorded and ready when you are!

Know Your Numbers Link Opens in a New Window (11:23)
Do you know your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar? This webinar will teach you why these numbers, and others, are so important to your overall health. It is essential to understand what's normal and whether they're getting better or worse over time.

Making Sense of Salt, Sea Salt and Sodium Link Opens in a New Window (26:18)
If you would like to reduce the amount of salt in your diet, but don't know where to begin, this webinar is for you! Registered dietitian, Zonya Foco reveals her three-step plan to get your sodium intake down to recommended levels. She will help you find "hidden salt" in foods and learn how to create savory meals without the salt shaker!
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