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H1N1 Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will the H1N1 vaccine be available and who should receive it?
The H1N1 vaccine is expected to be available in mid- to late October and can be given to anyone 6 months and older.

How will the H1N1 vaccine be distributed to health care providers?
The Michigan department of public heath will be responsible for directing the flow of the H1N1 vaccine to providers. Providers will receive the vaccine and related supplies (syringes, alcohol swabs, sharps containers, and vaccine record cards) at no cost for those providers that make agreements with state and local public health authorities to provide the H1N1 vaccine.

Will the seasonal flu vaccine also protect against the H1N1 flu?
No; the seasonal flu vaccine will not protect against the H1N1 flu.

Can the seasonal vaccine and the H1N1 vaccine be given at the same time?
Yes; the seasonal and H1N1 vaccines can be administered on the same day. If the patient has already received their seasonal flu vaccine, they are still eligible to receive the H1N1 vaccine.

If a person has already been exposed to the virus, should they still obtain the H1N1 vaccine?
Yes; the H1N1 vaccine is still effective for those already exposed to the virus.

Will two doses of the H1N1 vaccine be required?
The health care provider will determine the amount of dosage needed.

Can any physician administer the H1N1 vaccine?
Yes; the H1N1 vaccine can be administered by any HAP affiliated physician.

Will patients have the same access to the H1N1 vaccine as they do for other seasonal flu vaccine?
Yes; patients will have access to the H1N1 vaccine as they do for other seasonal flu vaccine (i.e. community outreach programs, colleges, county health departments). It is our understanding that Pharmacy outlets may not have access to the H1N1 vaccine; however, if and when Pharmacy outlets do obtain the H1N1 vaccine, patients will have access to receive the H1N1 shot at HAP Pharmacy retailers as well.

Will patients have a choice of either the shot or the nasal mist inhaler?
Patients will have access to both the H1N1 vaccine shot and the nasal mist inhaler.

Is there a copay or any other out-of-pocket charge for the H1N1 vaccine?
There is neither a copay nor any out-of-pocket charge for the H1N1 vaccine. However, if patients are seen for other medical services then normal patient financial responsibility applies.

Is there a fee to providers for giving the H1N1 vaccine to patients?
Health care providers will only be reimbursed for the administration of the H1N1 vaccine; provider should submit their claims using the HCPCS codes of 90470 or G9141, as appropriate.

Will the H1N1 vaccine be available for patients covered by self-funded products?
HAP is strongly recommending its self-funded plans to cover the administration for the H1N1 vaccine.

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