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National Diabetes Month

Did you know diabetes significantly increases your risk for heart disease?

Research shows between 60 to 80% of patients with diabetes have high blood pressure.

Did you know, for people with diabetes, blood pressure control is just as important as controlling sugar level?

Poorly controlled blood pressure can increase complications from diabetes.

To avoid complications ask your health care provider a few basic questions:

  1. Is my blood pressure near or below 130/80?
  2. If not, what medications am I on to control my blood pressure? (Three or four medications may be necessary)
  3. Am I due for my annual lipid-screening (cholesterol) test?
  4. In addition to exercising and diet, do I need to be on a medication to help get my "bad cholesterol (LDL)" below 100?

Also, as part of your diabetes self-management plan, make sure you have an annual dilated retinal (eye) exam and ask your doctor to be sure you have at least an annual A1C test (average blood sugar); in most cases the A1C test should be done two to four times per year.

HAP can help you get the preventative services you need
HAP's Online Member Health Reminders alerts you about services and health screenings for which you may be due. Thus allowing you to get the preventive services you need to maintain or improve your health and avoid serious and more costly medical procedures. Just log in to Online Services and click on Member Health Reminders

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Greater Detroit Area Health Council's (GDAHC) Save Lives Save Dollars (SLSD) project.

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For more information about HAP's HealthTrack diabetes management program visit HAP's HealthTrack

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