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National Depression Screening Day

Get Screened, Get Treated, Feel Better!

October 11th has been designated National Depression Screening Day (NDSD). HAP promotes the efforts of this community outreach and education initiative. National Depression Screening Day calls attention to the prevalence of depression and seeks to:

  • educate the public about the symptoms of depression
  • describe the effective treatment available
  • offer free, local screening for depression
  • provide and interface between those in need of treatment for depression and the behavioral health care system

HAP promotes free and confidential depression screening throughout the state. Behavioral health providers who offer free screening are registered with the National Depression Screening Project, a nonprofit organization, developed to coordinate nation wide mental health screening programs.

For more information about National Depression Screening Day or to locate a free and confidential depression screening site for the event, see the national Depression Screening Day web site:

Members can also call HAP's Coordinated Behavioral Health Management Department at 1-800-444-5755 to speak to a case manager to be screened for depression, and get referrals for depression treatment.

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