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Breast Cancer Awareness

Studies have shown that regular screenings and mammograms greatly reduce the risk of death or further complications from breast cancer. Detecting cancerous cells early can lead to more treatment options, less extensive surgery and better treatment outcomes.

Get Tested

The best way to screen for breast cancer is through a mammogram Link Opens in a New Window. A mammogram is recommended at least every two years for women age 40-69. Check with your doctor to find out how often you should be screened.

In addition to a mammogram, you should perform regular breast self-exams. Check around your breasts and under your arms at least once a month and tell your doctor if you feel any lumps or notice changes in the size or shape of your breasts.

Reminders at your fingertips!

The American Cancer Society's breast cancer screening reminder page Link Opens in a New Window allows you to sign up for emails that will notify you when you're due for a screening. Sign up today!

For more information about breast cancer screenings, print this flyer PDF from HAP and take it to your next doctor visit.

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