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National Anxiety Disorders Screening Day

Health Alliance Plan Participates in:
National Anxiety Disorders Screening Day - May 3rd

Do you worry all the time and have difficulty sleeping?

Are you disturbed by nightmares that seem to affect how you feel during the day?

Do you often feel exhausted because you are too tense?

Ever find yourself obsessing about making everything perfect?

Have friends or family members told you that just need to chill out and relax?

Are you too angry and irritable over small things?

Ever find yourself "flying off the handle" at family, co-workers or friends?

Do you ever worry that you'll panic in a public place?

If so, you may have an anxiety disorder. Learn more about symptoms and treatment. Take this free screening test today by clicking the link below:

Anxiety Disorders Can Be Treated!!!

For further information and help please contact the HAP Coordinated Behavioral Health Management department at 1-800-444-5755

Learn more about anxiety disorders at: 1

Children may suffer from anxiety, too. For information about anxiety disorders that may affect children please look at:

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