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Health Chart for Teens and Adults

The following guidelines can help you and your family maintain good health. Remember, all prevention activities must be individualized; the guidelines below apply to people with average risk. Talk with your doctor about your personal health care needs.

  AGE: 17 - 64 YEARS
Basic history/counseling
  • Good nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Avoiding tobacco/alcohol/drug use
  • Safe sexual practices
  • Injury prevention
  • Dental health
  • Sun Protection
Basic physical exam
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight, height, and BMI
Basic diagnostic tests
  • Cervical cancer screening, Pap smear: at least every 3 yrs. Click here to get an email reminding you of your next Pap smear test.
  • Breast cancer screening: mammogram & clinical breast exam: women over 40, every 1 - 2 yrs.
  • Total cholesterol, every 5 yrs.
  • Colorectal cancer screening for age 50 and over: annual fecal occult blood test and/or sigmoidoscopy every 5 yrs or colonoscopy every 10 years. Double contrast barium enema is an option also.
Basic immunization
  • For high risk patients: varicella, hepatitis A, TB, flu, and pneumonia vaccines
  • Tetanus-diphtheria (Td) booster: every 10 yrs.
Other primary preventive measures
  • Multivitamin with folic acid: females planning/capable of pregnancy
  • Sun protection
  • Domestic violence/abuse
  • Diabetics: annual vision testing for retinopathy

Updated September 2005

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