e-Wise Woman: Health tips for women on the go | Issue 1 | Fall 2010

HAP MoveWell Every Day...

An avid softball player, but with a history of shoulder and lower back pain, Teresa laughingly describes herself as an on-and-off healthy person. "I can get hugely into nutrition, and reading books, but I'm hot and cold. When I received the MoveWell Every Day program invitation from HAP, I attended, and that got me motivated."

Perhaps it was an urge that was always there. "I would often go to the gym with a couple friends, and while we were there, I'd always be talking about nutrition... diet... exercise... and my friends were always telling me I ought to do this for a living. I said that would be great, but I never really thought of it as something I'd ever do full time," Teresa reflects. After attending MoveWell, though, Teresa considered the idea seriously -- the timing was right.

Her full-time job as a programmer had ended, and she was looking for work, so she signed up for an intensive five-week training course to become a personal trainer. The course combined three hours a week of lectures and three hours a week of practical training. Having completed the classes and passed her exam, Teresa is now completing a 30-hour internship.

"I have just five hours of internship training left," she reports. "Right now I'm doing solo training, and developing individualized training programs for clients at the Livonia YMCA." Teresa is now employed there two days a week and is currently in discussions with the director there about full-time employment. Meanwhile, she's also considering ways to further her health education, and is considering becoming a registered dietitian.

"Maybe this is the time for me to make a career of something I've always had an interest in," Teresa concludes. "Thanks for the push, HAP!"

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