e-Wise Woman: Health tips for women on the go | Issue 4 | Winter 2011

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Best. Year. Ever.

The secret to a great 2012? Nancy S. White, M.D., Sports Medicine and Family Practice physician with Henry Ford Medical Group advises doing five things to help make sure you have a great year.
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Healthy Friendships

It's the secret to stress reduction, good immune function, mental fitness, weight loss ... even happiness. And it's simple: friendship.
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Fit Inside and Out

Can you stay fit through the winter? You probably have everything you need to make it easy and fun. Ericka M. Dawydko, Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Director at the Livonia YMCA, shares suggestions.
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Beat Those Doldrums

It's not your imagination. The cold dark mornings and gray days that are symbols of the Michigan winter can leave you feeling sluggish. Fighting back may not require such a fight after all.
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Success Starts with a Plan. Get Yours.

Whether your goal is to eat better, exercise more or stress less, achieving success takes a solid plan. Fortunately, the HAP Wise Woman weekly planner is the perfect tool to help. Download your weekly plan.

These Links Were Made for Walking.

Walk for Better Health from HAP is a walking program that can help you meet your exercise goals, no matter what your fitness level. Use it by yourself, or start your own walking group with friends. Download our free resources.

Get a Head Start on Your Resolutions with Weight Wise and Wise Woman Webinars.

What's on your agenda for 2012? Saving money? Eating right? Here's the perfect place to start: In Eat Right and $ave Money Doing It!, Zonya Foco, R.D. shares tips for eating healthy without breaking the bank. Did you know many of us Michiganders are vitamin D deficient? Check out What You Need to Know about Vitamin D. For more topics, log in at hap.org/weightwise.
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Healthy, Easy Dishes

The Power of Blue Food

Warm up with today's menu: rotisserie chicken or whole wheat couscous with chipotle vinaigrette. (Try them together for a nutrition-loaded complete meal.)
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