e-Wise Woman: Health tips for women on the go | Issue 4 | Winter 2011

Healthy Friendships

Studies indicate friendship may provide many long-term health benefits:

  • When you are happy, a friend who lives nearby is 25 percent more likely to be happy as well. This network of happiness can reach even further, to friends of your friends.
  • Being socially engaged can help boost your body’s immune system and reduce symptoms of stress.
  • Friendships make us more likely to achieve goals, like sticking to an exercise program.
  • In times of grief, feeling socially alone tends to worsen the feelings, while those who have a support network are better able to cope.

“Girlfriends give us support, plus they may be more honest – they’ll tell you, Yes, you do need to lose that guy who is taking advantage of you. Sometimes you need that,” says Cheranissa Roach, MSA, Certified Life Coach. “We have to make an effort to prioritize friendships. One month we may have time for a phone call, another month we may be able to get away for a weekend together. Even if you don’t talk often, you may still want to send friends a note once a month.  A spa night is a great get-together for girlfriends. or consider a game night, playing Uno™, Scrabble®, Monopoly™ or Twister™. Remember, nurturing friendships is a way of nurturing ourselves.”

More Girls’ Night Ideas

  • Bowling: Build your own league with as few as eight friends.
  • Art: Bring your favorite beverage, and paint along with an artist to create your own work of art.
  • Classes: Try glassblowing or bead making at The Glass Academy in Dearborn.
  • Shows: Catch a concert, musical, comedy or dance performance.
  • Dance: Get a group of friends together for a Zumba dance party. There are several locations throughout the metro Detroit area.

Keep Track of the Little Things

Even when we don’t see our friends as much as we’d like, remembering a birthday or anniversary can help nurture friendships. Here are a few resources that can help:

  • Yahoo! Calendar Schedule appointments and reminders and send them to your Yahoo! Messenger account, mobile or email. Free.
  • BigDates.com Get a text or email reminder, complete with ideas for cards and gifts. Get a paper greeting card mailed automatically for $3, although not in your handwriting. Free for the first three months, $10 a year after that.
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