e-Wise Woman: Health tips for women on the go | Issue 2 | Summer 2011

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Welcome to e-Wise Woman, an online supplement to HAP Wise Woman magazine. Your feedback is always welcome; send us an e-mail at hapwisewoman@hap.org.


Summer Ready Skin

Margaret Creekmore, Senior Account Manager with HAP, prepared the Body Salt Scrub recipe from our January HAP Wise Woman magazine and shares her experience.
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Grow Your Own

Imagine stepping from your kitchen to your deck and grabbing handfuls of fresh, fragrant basil, oregano and thyme from your own herb garden to use in your homemade pasta sauce.
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Sharlene Clair-Hall, On the Move

HAP member Sharlene Clair-Hall attended the HAP MoveWell Every Day program in Dearborn, and it provided just the inspiration and information she needed. Find out what she learned.
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Got Microbes with that Macaroni Salad?

It's picnic and barbeque time. Here's what you need to know to keep your food fresh and prevent food-borne illness, or "food poisoning."
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What's your favorite healthy website? We like hungry-girl.com. E-mail us at hapwisewoman@hap.org and tell us your favorite healthy website and you will be entered into a drawing for a special HAP goodie bag!

It's Men's Health Month!

June is Men's Health Month -- For men's health tips and resources, visit our Men's Health page.
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Date Night

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Too Hot to Cook?

Summer temps are on the way and that means it will be too hot to cook! Check out these 10 easy, No-Cook recipes provided by Weight Watchers.
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