e-Wise Woman: Health tips for women on the go | Issue 2 | Summer 2011

Sharlene Clair-Hall, On the Move

If there were a contest for a sandwich generation poster-child, Sharlene Clair-Hall might win. She's raised a family, nursed a father through ill health until he passed on, and is now caring for a mother and husband with health issues. Sharlene herself was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. "There's lots going on at home," Sharlene acknowledges. "I've been under a lot of stress, and I decided it's time I did something for me."

Sharlene is new to HAP.  "I'm telling you, I am just thrilled, I can't believe all the preventive care, and emphasis on well-being - I am awed! I had heard of HAP, but nobody ever told me how great it is. I decided when I got the MoveWell Every Day invitation, I was going."

The March morning of the seminar was cold. "I wanted to sleep in, but I pushed myself to go," Sharlene says. "I went, and I had a blast. The woman who leads it, Sherry McLaughlin, is so motivating. You're there with people of all different sizes. I felt very comfortable…. it was just great. You just do what you can. I even went with my cane that day."

Today, Sharlene exercises at least five mornings a week. "Right now I'm doing a 15-minute schedule, but I figure that's two hours a week longer than I've done in my whole life, I'm 52, it's a start. A lot of it is attitude. I had to make the decision that no matter what, I'm going to do it. I'm feeling very comfortable following the Daily Dozen routine I received at the event. When I told both of my doctors what I've been doing they were so excited. Before I started exercising, I'd wake up in pain every day after just four or five hours of sleep. Now, when I get up, my back doesn't hurt like it use to," says Sharlene.

MoveWell Every Day participants receive a free assessment to determine which types of exercises are best for them to focus on. Sharlene's exercises were balancing exercises and movements to strengthen her ankles, knees and hips. "I used to be afraid of exercise, but a month after the event, I'm still motivated. My goal is to be able to do these exercises for a half hour every morning, I want to be able to walk more, and go shopping without worrying that my back is going to go out on me. The weather is getting better, and I want to get outside and live more. For me, the MoveWell event came at the perfect time -- it was a combination of timing and attitude."

Later this summer, look for more information about the next MoveWell Every Day event in the fall on the HAP Wise Woman page at hap.org.

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