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Wise Advice
You’re at an inspirational, motivational event. You think to yourself, this
is it. I’m going to adopt these new habits and transform my life. Then
you get home to … well … life. There’s work. There’s laundry. There’s
supper to fix, family members who need you. Before you know it, two
weeks have passed and nothing’s changed.
Vijaya Sastry of Canton attended the HAP
MoveWell Every Day
April. “It was awesome – not just physically – emotionally too. Knowing
I’m not alone – there are many along with me on this journey,” Vijaya
recalls. “I wanted to carry that good feeling as long as I could.” She
suggested a sign-up sheet for any women who wanted to stay in contact
after the event. Now her
group exchanges weekly emails and
plans get-togethers. “All of us look forward to sharing something good
each week. That keeps us going. When my group is motivated, that in
turn motivates me.”
“That’s a great way to keep on track,” acknowledges Jim Cameron M.S.,
Board Certified Health Coach, Henry Ford Self-Health Centers. “When
you get a vision of what you want your health to look like, and you
have a group of people with a similar vision, it becomes much easier to
continue on that path to get results.”
A Clear Vision Can Keep You on Track
Cameron adds that writing down the results you want to produce so
you’re clear about it, even if you don’t know how to get there, will help.
Keep it in front of you, whether it’s on a sticky note or a screen saver on the computer.
HAP member Rhonda Terry of Southfield has no shortage of loved ones who share her vision of staying active and healthy.
Her sister is a registered dietitian, and her husband, who went to college on a football scholarship, still loves to stay
physically active. “My sister and I do races together,” she says. “My husband and I ride bikes or walk to the store together.
It’s quality time. When we go to reunions, people say ‘You two still look the same.’ I say, That’s because we want to!”
“People left to their own devices, without any support from other human beings, will likely not accomplish nearly as much
as when they purposely involve other human beings in their common future vision. So talk about health goals with a loved
one or a support person. Keep it alive,” Cameron adds.
Don’t Stop Believing
Free Health Coaching (one-on-one) sessions are offered to individuals who desire to make lifestyle
changes such as physical activity, healthy eating, stress management and those who are managing
chronic health conditions such as diabetes, COPD, hypertension and cardiac disease at the two
Henry Ford Self-Health Centers in Commerce and Woodhaven. Call
(248) 960-2101
(Commerce) or
(734) 676-3813
(Woodhaven) for more information or go to
HAP members Rhonda Terry and Vijaya Sastry
motivate each other.