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Wise Health
2013 is around the bend, and whether it’s our health,
surroundings or relationships … each of us has areas in our
life that we want to work on. Yet ingrained habits and our
subconscious focus may be attracting the very situations we
want to change.
That’s where the vision board comes in.
“A vision board is a collage of words and images, typically
clipped from magazines,” explains professional life coach
and confidante Donna Marie. You can create one using
something as simple as a poster board, glue, markers,
scissors and a stack of magazines. But try to get beyond
the superficial photos of stacks of money, mansions and
beaches; Donna advises taking time to meditate about your
true, deeper needs and intentions. “Sit
quietly and think about what you want to
bring into your life – mentally, physically,
emotionally and spiritually,” advises
Donna. “Then as you go through the
magazines, certain things will draw you in.
There may be something in a photograph,
or certain words that attract you.”
How to make your board:
Gather many types of magazines – fitness, nature,
food, fashion – many dental offices or hair salons give
away old issues.
Don’t ask yourself whether an image makes sense. If
you find yourself reacting to it, clip it.
When you have a pile of images, begin laying them on
your board. Now edit out the ones that move you less.
You can write on your board, too.
HAP member Marsha Mack-Smith of Redford won a
vision board workshop with Donna Marie at a HAP
event. “It came at a good time,” she reflects. “I had
been laid off and realized I had to take better care
of me.” Marsha created a vision board incorporating
themes like eating a healthier diet, exercising and
reducing stress. She’s been exercising five or six days a
week ever since. “I think the visualization has helped. I
now schedule exercise time on my calendar.”
A vision board is best placed where you may see it from
time to time, but it isn’t your sole focus. Let the images
seep into your subconscious. They don’t necessarily
have to be boards, either. “Smashbooks” are small,
portable books into which you can write or paste items
that appeal to you. Pinterest is an online resource for
assembling images, although it’s important to keep in
mind that your Pinterest boards can be seen by others,
so it would not be a good choice if you want to keep
your board private.
Got Vision?
To find out more, including information on vision board workshops,
visit Donna Marie’s website at
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Donna Marie
Donna Marie’s 2011 Vision Board