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Wise Health
My mantra is “Fit for 50”
It hit me a couple years ago, when I realized I was going to be 50 in two years.
I’d undergone a lot of changes in the past decade. I went through a divorce,
becoming a working single parent with sole custody of our two boys. I think
it’s fair to say I let myself go health-wise. One morning I woke up and said this
is ridiculous. I want to be around for my boys. I need to take care of myself
and get myself in line for the second half of my life. I signed up for Weight
Watchers® through HAP, and the weight started coming off. One day my
13 year old son said, ‘Wow, Mom, you have a lot of energy these days.’ He
noticed that I was eating healthier and losing weight. Then he said he’d like
to try that too. Jumping for joy on the inside, I signed him up. I love the fact that HAP offers the $25 Weight Watchers®
membership – I couldn’t have done it otherwise. He lives it with me every day – making good food choices, watching
portion sizes. I’m 50 now – and 61 pounds lighter. Now that I’m fit, staying fit is the next step – there’s no turning back!
Judy Kelly, Southfield
Women Helping Women
Wise women share tips for successfully managing their many roles.
Give Healthy Gifts
This season, stores are full of tempting, easy-to-give gifts –
but those packaged cakes and cookies benefit the seller
more than those you care about. Looking for a healthier
alternative? Consider these affordable options:
A stylish gym bag
A yoga kit (Danskin® makes one for around $20)
A pedometer or sports watch
An aromatherapy kit
Gift certificate for a massage
A session with a nutritionist or personal trainer
A certificate for bowling
Passes for a local ice skating rink
A county park or MetroPark annual pass
Our choice for the funniest fitness gift?
The Wake Up, Work Out alarm clock, $35 at
, is shaped like a large
dumbbell, and the alarm won’t shut off until the user
completes 30 arm curls!
Get the HAP
Smartphone App
You get the call at work. Your teen’s at school and
needs to get to the doctor. You leave the office, head
for the school and then the realization hits you. Your
spouse has your teen’s insurance card. This is just one
of the reasons you’ll want the new HAP Mobile ID Card
App, created for iPhone® and Android. With our new
app, you can…
• View your family’s most recent ID cards
• Email or fax an ID card to a doctor’s office,
hospital or pharmacy
• Seamlessly access the HAP mobile site to search
for doctors and more
Download the free app onto
your iPhone® or Android device
now. Search “HAP ID Card”
or “Health Alliance Plan”
in Google Play or iTunes.