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Wise Health
The Back Story
Thanks to pregnancy, high heels, purses and simply the way we’re shaped,
back pain affects more women than men, impacting our quality of life now
and in the future. The good news? Taking these steps now can prevent back
Work to lose any extra pounds.
Extra weight around your midsection
puts you at risk for back pain.
Heavy purse?
Alternate shoulders, use a backpack-style bag or leave
the heavy stuff at home.
Save high heels for special occasions
and even then, no higher than
If work demands long hours of sitting,
use good posture.
If you smoke, stop.
Smokers are three times more likely to develop
low back pain than nonsmokers.
Get regular exercise
– include stretching, strengthening and
low-impact aerobic conditioning.
Choices That Lower
Your Cancer Risk
There are many routes you can
choose to reduce your risk for cancer.
The Choose You movement helps you
identify and commit to those choices
via a website created by the American
Cancer Society. You can choose
simple commitments like getting
active, quitting smoking, protecting
your skin, getting regular health
checkups and more – even one can
make a life-saving difference.
Join the
movement at
Around the Bend
It’s Not Too Early to Care for Your Joints
Ever felt a little twinge in your knee?
A dull ache in your hip or back? One in
five Americans has osteoarthritis (the
most common type of arthritis) – 24
million women and 17 million men.
We may notice mild symptoms around
age 40.
“There are many things patients
can do to ease pain and keep it from worsening,” says Brian K. Rill, M.D.,
Orthopedics, Henry Ford Medical Group. “Many people experience joint
pain due to excess weight, so the number one thing to do is lose excess
weight. Low-impact exercise can also help – walking on a rubberized track,
riding a stationary bike and swimming. There are free classes at area
Henry Ford Health System locations, where you’ll learn about nonsurgical
treatments and alternative therapies. There are many things you can do
besides pop pills.”
For a free class near you, go to Choose
Find Health
, and then select
Classes & Events
. For
Event Title
, choose
“Joint Preservation Class.”