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Energy Rx: Strength for the Holidays
During the last eight weeks of the year, you probably have more on your to-do
list than at any other time—which makes it especially ironic that you may also
find yourself with less energy. Longer evening hours in darkness, sugary treats,
parties and sacrificing workouts and nutritious meals to get tasks done can all
sap your energy.
Here are three tips to keep you going:
Max the magnesium
You need about 300 milligrams a day. If you can’t
fit in a balanced meal, at least grab some dry roasted almonds, which
supply 80 milligrams of magnesium per ounce. This will help ensure
you’re getting adequate magnesium – which breaks down glucose
(blood sugar) into energy.
Feeling stressed?
Take a walk or an exercise break. Stress is abundant
this time of year, and it’s a huge energy robber. Exercise – even a simple
walk around the block, or a set of jumping jacks – can burn off the
feelings of stress and irritation.
Pour yourself a tall glass of water.
If you’re feeling fatigued, it could
be dehydration. If your schedule is packed, be sure to carry a bottle of
water with you, and if you’re at a party, choose water over alcohol.
Alcohol makes you sleepy initially, but it will rob you of the right kind of
sleep during the night.
For more tips to keep you going this holiday season, check out our
webinar on
. Simply log in at
and click on
, then
Weight Wise
and look for Weight Wise Webinars.